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Reform of the Landem office




Gràcia, Barcelona


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Landem project management

On the ground floor of Calle Camprodon, in the Gràcia neighborhood (Barcelona), we have taken over a premises to set up our offices.

The first step was to enhance contact with the ground floor; for this reason, we create an exterior hall, which gives more air to the sidewalk and proposes an intermediate space between outside and inside; at the same time we enhance the direct connection with the outside through a glass window along the entire facade.

The second step was to think of the office as a large Open Space and build a space that generates a certain dynamism. In addition to the islands with their workplaces, we have created other intermediate spaces that invite meeting, flexibility and relaxation. Our meeting rooms give us the possibility of having closed spaces, but at the same time they are linked directly to the Open Space.

Finally, the materials appear, chosen to increase the quality and warmth of the spaces. The wood takes center stage through a linear shelf and continues throughout the room, but with a flexibility of use, acting as a library, desk and storage space at the same time.

We designed the spaces with the users in mind: us and our customers.

At Landem we believe in the importance of creating quality spaces to positively affect people; and this was what we sought to embody in the reform of our offices.

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