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Recreation area for dogs in
Plaza Alfonso Comín, Barcelona




Plaza Alfonso Comín, Barcelona


Construction management


Barcelona d'Infraestructures Municipales (BIMSA), Barcelona City Council

The Alfonso Comín square already has a recreation area for dogs. Barcelona City Council is investing in these areas of coexistence between people and pets and, in this case, a comfortable and pleasant space is achieved.

In this project, Barcelona d’Infraestructures Municipals (BIMSA), entrusted Landem with the direction of the works of this new recreational area for dogs.

The area for dogs is fenced off. Once inside the enclosed area, we find a pleasant shaded area generated by deactivated concrete trees where there are benches and a fountain so that dogs can drink without difficulties. The area where some games are placed so that the dogs can run and play, is projected with coarse sand that allows the water to filter. The cleaning of the dog area is programmed with sprinkler irrigation. In the rest of the Alfonso Comín square, the action to improve the flower beds is carried out and with a new gardening and irrigation proposal prepared to be teleprogrammed. The chosen species take into account adaptation to the environment and low water consumption.

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