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Engineering office in Barcelona

About Landem

The business world and society in general have evolved tremendously in recent years, and engineering, traditionally seen as a cold and not very transparent sector, must be capable of adapting to changing times.

At Landem we believe that other engineering is possible.

An engineering that offers global solutions

We manage construction projects in an integral way without having to carry rigid structures or complex organization charts that are not very operational and, above all, without renouncing quality criteria.

Tailor-made engineering

We respect the uniqueness of each client and project and provide personalized, creative and non-prefabricated solutions.

A more humane engineering

Our communication with the client is agile, direct and close, and our technicians devote themselves with enthusiasm and commitment to the projects, regardless of their size and volume.

At Landem, we help public and private organizations to obtain better and faster results in the comprehensive management of construction and engineering projects.

And it is that Landem is not a traditional engineering. We care about projects, not budgets. For this reason, based on a structure of engineering and architecture companies in a network, we create solid but flexible teams, sized according to the occasion.

Collaborative work is part of our DNA and this chameleonic nature, together with our experience in engineering, allows us to adapt to any type of work and manage interesting projects that we really fall in love with, whatever their origin and size. I invite you to take a look at the section “

What can we do for you?

If you want us to help you manage your construction project, we are open to start thinking about solutions for you now. If you have any questions about our services or other issues that are not resolved on the web, please write to us.

You just have to fill out the following form and tell us what you need.
We will respond to you within 48 hours (and sooner, if we can).

If you prefer to write us directly this is our email: info@landem.es

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