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Adaptation of the cultural and
recreational center of Castellví de Rosanes




Castellví de Rosanes, Baix Llobregat


Construction Management and Safety and Health Coordination


Castellví de Rosanes City Council

The Cultural and Recreational Center (CCR) of Castellví de Rosanes has existed for almost a hundred years with the aim of promoting and enriching the cultural and social activities of its citizens. With an area of 600 m2, it is present in the center of the municipality.

When at the end of 2019 the Castellví de Rosanes City Council decided to start the works for the adaptation of the cultural center, it granted Landem the role of Construction Manager and Health and Safety Coordinator.

The works were carried out following the Executive Technical Project of the actions necessary to adapt this establishment for public competition, taking into account the regulations and with the aim of improving the accessibility, spatiality and security of the building.

In September 2020, the city council commissioned Landem to draft the modified project for the adaptation of the CCR, considering the modifications that should have been included in the original project, due to unforeseen circumstances and new requirements.

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