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Construction management


Sabadell City Council

The renovation project of the Skatepark located in Sabadell’s Parc de Catalunya aimed to update and improve the space by promoting greater use of the area. For this reason, a new skatepark has been designed, providing it with large and new elements that improve the conditions for users, and an improvement of the urban spaces adjacent to this equipment has been proposed.

The Sabadell City Council, promoter of this space, grants Landem the direction of the works of the new Skatepark.

Starting from the existing area and the position of the concrete slab and the side steps, the construction of the new elements in concrete made in-situ begins, considering this solution as more resistant and of greater durability. The new elements offer a variety of games thinking about different ages and abilities in the practice of this sport.

Reconstruction of the urban environment has also been carried out, adapting the access road, improving the drainage and leveling and adapting the pavement of the two adjoining squares.

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