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Asphalting of various streets in the municipality of Parets del Vallès




Parets del Vallès, Barcelona


Project Management and project drafting


Town Hall of Parets del Vallès

The Parets del Vallès City Council entrusts Landem with the conservation, repair and maintenance work on the asphalt pavement of five streets. A preliminary study is carried out and it is detected that there are many deteriorated pavements due to lack of maintenance. In total, an analysis of 18 streets is made.

First, the two streets are repaired based on the urgency of action due to the state of the pavement and, later, the actions of three more streets are carried out. It acts on a surface of more than 7,000 meters. The works are carried out in June 2020.

Originally, the streets had areas with many cracks in the shape of crocodile skin and areas with deeper holes, where it was necessary to regularize it, reaching the deepest layers.

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