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Playgrounds in Sabadell

Parks, squares and gardens are very important coexistence centers for any community. In particular, the children’s areas, which play an essential role in promoting childhood development, sports and the early integration of the social fabric.

In this case, the City Council of Sabadell promoted the improvement of six children areas and the remodeling of each of its squares. Every square was designed in a particularized way and, to integrate into its environment, different types of games, pavements and improvement of green areas were executed. The result of the works managed to meet the safety parameters, where children can move autonomously without any type of danger.

The integration of games in the squares allowed the creation of friendly places for children and the whole family, in which it is possible to take another step towards a more inclusive society on the whole. Consequently, the squares of Karl Marx, Carrasco i Formiguera, Alberto Lavera, Aurora Bertrana, Vila Arrufat and Vaques square already have their new spaces where children can enjoy, play sports and socialize, in a safe way and in a pleasant environment.

YEAR: 2020
LOCATION: Sabadell
SERVICES: Technical Project Management
CLIENT: Sabadell City Council

  • Date 18 March, 2021
  • Tags Civil work