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Technical Due Diligence Puerto de la Cruz Hotel

With the aim of minimizing as much as possible the risks of an investment of great magnitude, such as the acquisition of a new hotel complex, the SMY Hotels chain has entrusted Landem with the realization of the technical due diligence of the Puerto de la Cruz hotel in Tenerife.

Our main task has been to determine the construction status of this hotel, located east of the historic center of the city of Puerto de la Cruz, both at the level of architecture, finishes and facilities, in addition to conducting an urban analysis of the current situation of the hotel and an economic evaluation of the work that is required to correct pathologies or deficiencies present in the hotel, which is relevant data to take into account to assess the profitability of the investment.

For this purpose, we checked the degree of conservation of the structural and enveloping system as well as the compliance with accessibility conditions, we studied the possible pathologies or deficiencies present in the building and did verify the current state of the facilities and their degree of conservation in order to detect any possible contingencies.

YEAR: 2019
LOCATION: Santa Cruz de Tenerife
SERVICES: Consultinig and advice