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Technical due diligence at Hotel Aldiana, in Crete (Greece)

To analyze the reactive maintenance costs and the growth possibilities of the Hotel Aldiana, located in Mochlos, on the island of Crete (Greece), the hotel chain SMY Hotels entrusted Landem with the drafting of a technical due diligence.

The analysis was focused at the architectural level (degree of conservation of the structural and surrounding system), finishes and facilities (verification of its current state and its degree of conservation). In addition, we carried out an urban study of the current situation of the hotel and an economic valuation of the work, which is needed to correct pathologies or deficiencies present in the building.

Furthermore, in collaboration with our trusted architect firm in Greece, we analyzed the possibilities of expanding the hotel.

YEAR: 2019
LOCATION: Crete (Greece)
SERVICES: Consulting and advice

  • Date 18 March, 2021
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