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Street redevelopment in the Barceloneta quarter, Barcelona

The Barcelona City Council, through Barcelona d’Infraestructures Municipals, BIM/SA, entrusted Landem with the technical Project Management of the redevelopment project on Doctor Giné i Partagàs street, also extending to Pinzón and Cermeño streets, whose objective was to improve the circulation and parking of vehicles in some sections.

The insufficient road on Cermeño street caused difficulties to the users of municipal service vehicles and firefighters. For this reason, the project has the completion of different sections of pavements on the new roads and sidewalks and a redistribution of parking areas and lanes.

The peculiarity of the project lies in the great neighborhood activity in the area. It was essential to project a balanced and well-managed space, with enough space in order not to interfere with neighborhood life and at the same time allow a comfortable circulation of large vehicles.

YEAR: 2018-2019
Technical Project Management