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Room and facilities renovation Princess of Kos Hotel, Greece

SMY Hotels relies on the Landem team to work on the reform of the new hotel Princess of Kos of the chain on the island of Kos, Greece. Landem is not only responsible for the drafting of the rehabilitation project of the existing hotel of 276 rooms, but also on the replacement of the facilities, the improvement of the existing buildings and the Project Management of all the works.

Landem’s proposal consists of a total renovation of the rooms, achieving a new hotel concept, more friendly and Mediterranean. In addition, the global action is used to improve the soundproofing between rooms.

With the action carried out, a 4-star hotel is achieved, where the client can enjoy some very respectable and controlled cost finishes and new facilities that improve the comfort of the rooms. Not only that, but also the exterior aesthetics of the buildings changes completely with a minimal action on the facades, providing a pleasant and harmonious solution with the environment. This action consists of a fiberglass mesh lining and a layer of monolayer mortar. The facilities of all the room buildings are also completely renovated: first, there are air-conditioned with VRV systems;  then, home automation systems are installed to optimize energy consumption; and finally, with regard to sanitary hot water, solar panels are installed on the roof of the different buildings, with accumulators and fan heaters to dissipate excess heat.

Among the renovated facilities, an improvement is included that both the user and the hotel manager appreciates substantially: the fiber optic installation that allows improving both the hotel’s wireless network, as well as monitoring the operation of the routers from an internet portal and broadcasting from a conventional TV system or an IPTV system.

YEAR: 2019-2020
LOCATION: Kos (Greece)
SERVICES: Project Management, Project drafting