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Restoration and rehabilitation Llanterna L’Auditori de Barcelona

Restore building with high cultural value for the city is a task that generates us a lot of responsibility and compromise. Following this approach, in Landem we have implemented the development of the executive project for the restoring of the Lantern in Auditori de Barcelona (auditorium), a work made by the architect rafael Moneo.

The “Llanterna” is a volume suspended square based, opened in the upper and lower sides and rotated 45º in relation to the main axis of the building. It consists of two glass skins, in and out the metallic structure that supports it, and both facades have two murals from the artist Pablo Palazuelo.

It receives the name llanterna (lantern) due to the luminic installation that has inside to light itself and light during the night.

The need to operate in this work results from the damage and the breaks that the glass skins have suffered. The goal is to recover the original picture of its facades and improve the maintenance  and good aging of an architectonic element of very big importance in the building, both for its location, accomplishing the hall’s role that has access to all the spaces in the bulding, and for its architectural, artistic and cultural value.


YEAR: 2020
LOCATION: Auditori de Barcelona, Barcelona
SERVICES: Project drafting
CLIENT: Ajuntament de Barcelona