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Rehabilitation and construction of hotel in Kos, Greece (in process)

SMY Hotels relies on Landem the technical Due Diligence related to the purchase of the Princess of Kos Hotel (Greece) and, once this is formalized, SMY also entrusts the drafting of the rehabilitation project of the existing 264 hotel rooms, as well as the drafting of the extension in the adjacent plot of another 200 rooms.

The proposal consists of conceiving as a single project the currently built and adjacent building plot, so that finally the user’s perception is that of being in a new hotel complex in which the new and the existing buildings work in a unitary and harmonic way.

The access zone is completely renewed by implementing the SMY concept. From the bus or cars arrival area, the building of the new SMY reception is reached through a route that runs under a vaulted pergola. Together with the new reception, the service buildings are constructed, with independent and segregated access to the user’s path.

From the reception begins a boulevard with a pergola, with vegetation and always accompanied by a sheet of water, that runs end-to-end the plot, now sum of the two original for its central axis, interrelating the new and existing buildings and giving access to the different areas of the hotel complex.

In the furthest part of the sea it has been decided to extend the existing pool and enhance all that area as a family together with their own rooms, common areas, outdoor areas and even a children’s water park called Splash.


YEAR: 2019
LOCATION: Kos (Greece)
SERVICES: Project Management