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Project of road setting improvement in Lluçà

The BV-4342 road, between Santa Eulàlia de Puig-Oriol and Santa Creu de Joglars, runs through the towns of Lluçà, San Martí d’Albars and Olost. It is a narrow road, with a single lane with a total length of 7.76 kilometers.

The construction project, commissioned by the Diputació de Barcelona, consists of an improvement in the setting in several curves and the extension of the section in order to ensure a good visualization and decrease the feeling of insecurity and discomfort. The project also contemplates the implementation of an optical fiber forecast channeling at the boundary of the existing roadway and it executes a passable gutter of concrete on the pipeline.


YEAR: 2019
SERVICES: Drafting, design and supervision
CLIENT: Diputació de Barcelona