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Improvement of Landem’s office

In a ground floor at Camprodon street, at Gràcia district (Barcelona), we have operated a local to instal there our offices.

The first step was to enhance the contact with the ground floor; because of that, we generated an exterior hall, that gives more air to the sidewalk and proposes an intermediate space between the outside and the inside; at the same time, we potentiate the direct link with the outside through a large window along all the facade.

The second step was to think the office as a big Open Space and build there a space that generates a certain dynamism. Apart from the isles with the working spaces, we have created other spaces in-between that invite to the contact, the flexibility and the relaxation. Our meeting rooms give us the possibility to have closed spaces, but at the same time are directly linked with the Open Space.

In the last step, the materials appeared, chosen looking for the improvement of the quality and the cozyness of the spaces. The wood is lifted as the lead through a lineal shelf and continues for all the local, but with flexible utilities, being at the same time a library, a desk and a keeper.

We have designed the spaces thinking on its users: us and our clients. In Landem we trust on the importance of generating quality spaces to affect positively people; and this was what we wanted to reflect in our offices.


YEAR: 2020

LOCATION: Gràcia, Barcelona

SERVICES: Project management and project drafting

CLIENT: Landem project management