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Project of road setting improvement in Tavertet

The project, commissioned by Diputació de Barcelona, ​​proposes the improvement of the setting of four conflicting curves of the BV-5207 road between the Esquirol and Tavertet, which runs through one of the most emblematic areas of Osona due to its powerful tourist and rural appeal. These curves have wider radii to facilitate the circulation of heavy vehicles and improve driving, as well as concrete gutters with added width in the road and new containment elements.

Within the apparent simplicity of the project, there are various hydraulic structures in different stretches, where streams rush from the area, which need to be expanded. Among them, there is the extension of the Nogueira bridge, which allows the passage of the torrent with the same name and which has been done while preserving the old masonry structure. Under this, a concrete box of increasing section has been designed.

The new road setting, in addition, adapts to the lush vegetation of the area avoiding any landscaping impact and preserving the rural beauty of the environment.


YEAR: 2019
SERVICES: Drafting, design and supervision
CLIENT: Diputació de Barcelona