About Landem

The business world and society have evolved tremendously in recent years, and engineering, traditionally seen as a cold and not very transparent sector, must be able to adapt to these changes.

At Landem, we believe that another engineering is possible.

An engineering focused on global solutions 

We manage constructive projects in an integral way without having to carry rigid structures or complex and little operational organizational charts and, above all, without renouncing quality criteria.

A tailored engineering

We always respect the uniqueness of each client and project, and provide customized, creative and not prefabricated solutions.

A more human engineering

We enjoy having an open and direct communication with our clients and, above all, we are totally committed to and enthusiastic about our projects, regardless of their size and volume.

I’m Álex Andrés, a Civil Engineer, and for more than 16 years I have been dedicated to managing construction projects, whether as a Technical Project Manager, Project Designer, Site Manager or Project Manager.

In my first years of professional career, I worked in two of the major construction companies in Spain, FCC and Dragados, as well as in the engineering multinational SGS. There, I had the opportunity to participate in major projects, such as the construction of the L9 of the Barcelona Metro, and to delve into municipal management.

This gave me a very global vision of the business and helped me understand how it worked … but it also opened my eyes to its dysfunctions. So, I decided to establish myself as a freelancer with a very clear idea: to create a network structure in order to offer a global project management of quality, but at the same time more friendly, efficient, agile and personalized, which I could put into practice with clients like Telefónica.

This first experience of collaborative work encouraged me to start my first business project, Viading (from where I offered solutions based on the management of flexible teams for clients such as BIMSA, Infrastructures de la Generalitat or Diputació de Barcelona), and now culminates in Landem.

In Landem, we help public and private organizations to obtain better and faster results in the global management of construction and engineering projects.

Landem is not a traditional engineering. We care about projects, not budgets. For this reason, based on a structure of network engineering and architecture companies, we create solid, but flexible teams, sized according to the occasion.

Collaborative work is part of our DNA and this chameleonic nature, together with our experience in engineering, allow us to adapt to any type of work and manage interesting projects that we really fall in love with, whatever their origin and size. I invite you to take a look at the section “Projects” to see some of them. We’ve been absolutely committed to all of them and so we feel very proud of them all.